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The International Committee on Technical Interchange for Space Mission Operations and Ground Data Systems (SpaceOps) or, simply SpaceOps Organization, founded in 1990, is represented by many of the space-faring nations. The representation of all SpaceOps Members/Organizations is characterized by its Executive Committee and by its Committee-at-Large. The Committee-at-Large membership consists of members from each space agency, one or more installations of each country or from an international consortium and or from industrial representatives of the participating countries. The Executive Committee membership consists of one member from each agency, authorized to represent the entire agency delegation in matters addressed by this committee.

At the moment, the International Organizations which are Members of SpaceOps Executive Committee are:

SpaceOps Organization is an international and multi-disciplinary organization dedicated to exploring all aspects of space mission operations and of their ground-based systems, while promoting and maintaining the forum of an international community of experts from govemment, academia and industry.

Operational principles, methodology, tooling and applications are basic thematic items covered in the SpaceOps Organization forum, oriented mainly to topics related to spacecraft: Missions Management, Operations, Data Management, Systems Development and Systems Engineering. Improvement of the capabilities and cost of efficiency of mission operations is an aspect of major interest of the SpaceOps association. The SpaceOps Organization believes that managerial and technical interchange, involving: space agencies, academia and industry is an important motivation as part of its initiative.

Detailed information about SpaceOps Organization can be obtained from the following topics:

SpaceOps , with support of its AIAA originated secretariat is making available two different open media information resources:

These two media resources present informations and also provide pointings to other SpaceOps Organization. related topics.

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is the organization that provides the Secretariat for SpaceOps Organization. It can be addressed at spaceops@aiaa.org.


The association promotes the realization of the 'International Symposium on Space Mission Operations and Ground Data Systems', or simply, of the 'SpaceOps International Symposium', every two years. The forum promoted by each SpaceOps Symposium is basically aimed to the discussion of the state-of-the-art of space operations, principles, methods and tools, by fostering the technical interchange among experts of the international community in space operations, while covering pertinent aspects of space mission operations and of ground data systems.

Seven SpaceOps Symposia have already been held:

    SpaceOps 90 , sponsored by the European Space Agency (ESA), of Europe:

      Electronic access to Conference papers is not available or known.


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