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:: Monday, January 22, 2018
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International Capacity Building

The largest extensions of tropical forests of the world are located in South America, west Africa and southeast Asia. In these regions there are also many countries in development, and their necessity for natural resources is threatened by intense and illegal exploration of the forests resources. Nowadays, the protection of the national forests has became a priority in their agendas, as also are accompanied by the international community.

To combat the advance of deforestation, the remote sensing techniques have been a very efficient way to quantify the areas of forest deforested, and by this very reason, remote sensing is the best alternative for these countries. Brazil is the only country in the tropical region that has a tropical forest monitoring program, which was developed by the National Institute for Space Research – INPE in 1988.

Considering the importance of the environmental issues to the international community, international organizations such as the Japan International Cooperation Agency – JICA, the Food and Agriculture Organization – FAO and also the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization – ACTO developed efforts to establish partnerships with INPE in order to capacitate foreign technicians to operate the TerraAmazon system, which is responsible for forest monitoring.

The training courses are held periodically at the Amazon Regional Center of INPE, located in Belém, Brazil, which has the entire infrastructure to realize the courses and also a wide number of qualified consultants that minister the course’s activities.

Please, click in the map bellow (green areas) to see the participants and institutions already capacited by INPE/CRA.

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