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Created by Decree 729 of 20 November 2007, the Regional Center of the Amazon has been in operation since January 2009, temporarily located on the campus of EMBRAPA Eastern Amazon in Belém - PA.

According to Brazilian laws, the Regional Center of the Amazon will consist of the Station Front Satellite Data in Boa Vista, by the Center for Environmental Monitoring of INPE in Manaus and the Laboratory for Global Monitoring of Tropical Forests in Belém Satellite

The Station Reception Satellite Data in Boa Vista is intended to receive process and disseminate satellite imagery in its coverage area, reaching the northern part of South America, the Caribbean and Central America.

The Center for Environmental Monitoring aims to expand and support the competence in modeling climate change in the Amazon.

The Laboratory for Global Monitoring of Tropical Forests have satellite mission to measure and map the deforestation of tropical forests around the globe, using satellite images.

According to the resolution 897 of December 03 from 2008, the Regional Center of the Amazon is responsible for:

  1. Supporting the activities carried out using the centers of Belém, Manaus and Boa Vista;
  2. Supporting field activities and mapping undertaken by staff of the Regional Center and / or by using other teams in the Amazon region;
  3. Maintaining and operate infrastructure for collecting and processing data on its premises;
  4. Spreading Geotechnology in its region;
  5. Being an international center for the dissemination of technology in order to monitor characteristics of tropical forests;
  6. Making the administration of activities, human resources and financial resources handled by the Regional Center;
  7. Acting in other activities that were attributed to its area of competence.
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