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Brazilian Colloquium on Orbital Dynamics

The Brazilian Colloquium on Orbital Dynamics (CBDO) is the most traditional South American event related to the areas of Celestial Mechanics, Orbital Dynamics, Planetary Science, Elementary Astronomy, Space Dynamics and Control, Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Chaotic Dynamics. Aims to bring together researchers, graduate students, undergraduates and professionals with interest in their focus areas, aiming at the exchange of knowledge, fostering the development of new ideas and concepts, and encourage the establishment of joint research projects.

Over its 32 year history, CBDO has been occurring every two years, bringing together not only researchers in South America, as well as renowned researchers from other regions, who are invited to present plenary lectures related to the latest developments in their research area. The CBDO is aims the excellence and occurs in an environment that strongly encourages the approach and interaction among all the participants.

The format of the CBDO includes invited lectures, oral communications, communications panels, mini-courses and roundtable discussions.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the event, we invite you to join CBDO, in particular by submitting a resume that falls within the areas of interest of the event.